Coupar died suddenly on October 21st of lymphosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer that we didn't know he had. Thankfully, he didn't suffer. He was nine years old. 

sweetCoupar.jpg (188108 bytes)

Coupar dreaming of...? December 2004

Coupar's statistics:

Coupar performs a nice "away to me" while Kristy pushes him off the sheep (Photo courtesy Fran Lieser)

Coupar did quite well in his breed ring career. Highlights of his career:

couparbob.jpg (383649 bytes)  

Coupar shown winning his first Best of Breed (over his momma) at the Laramie KC

coupbuck.jpg (445301 bytes)  

Coupar shown winning his second major at the Buckhorn Valley KC

plumcrkcoupar.jpg (125193 bytes)

Here's Coupar taking Best of Breed and winning a 4-pt. major at the Plum Creek KC

coupch.jpg (327203 bytes)

And here's Coupar's championship picture after he took Best of Breed for a 5-pt. major at the Colorado KC

Coupar's pedigree (with permission from Claire Trethewey, web site owner)

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